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July 8, 2003
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Ancient Samurai 2079 by thedarkcloak Ancient Samurai 2079 by thedarkcloak
An old yet not really old (did that make sense?), samurai warrior... immortal & war worn. Ancient yet still a bad a$s. The world now very burnt and post apocalyptic, he does as he always has, wandering the land, with honor, laying waste to the dishonorable.--- Hope I managed to get the ancient bad a$5 look just right... as well as the foreboding landscape he's in. Lemme know if ya likes!
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KingOfWarz Featured By Owner May 11, 2007
Haha! :+fav: amazing work job well-done ^_^
bdevries Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2003
Oo. I love the hazy colors in the background.
coolkatcasey Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2003
the character concept, and his execution in regards to the line art, and the coloring turned out very well. cant complain much about that. except that i disagree with the glow on the sword. it doesnt fit in with everything else thats goin on.

in the thumb view, the pose looks very stiff. but in full view, he has this nice lean. the weight looks more distributed in the full view. iunno, take a look at all different zoom levels, and see what u think.

my few complaints... the background is too blurry, and not contrasty enough. its very grey. it does make the character stand out, but it doesnt fit. something needs to be done there, there should be some blacks. also, some creative cropping could produce a better composition

and also, the thing that is ruining this piece... the signiature. its too damn big, and too damn red. shrink that bad boy down, and change the color to reflect the overall feel of the piece. that is the sign of an amature, and you sir... are no amateur.

good piece. i hope you dont feel blasted. i wouldnt comment if it wasnt good. i just think it could be better.
ubes Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2003
sent via deviatorgreat pic..
His pose is very good..he's a mean guy! relaxed, at ease..but focussed...alert..
compliments for all the nice little details as well..
mikey-is-me Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2003   Digital Artist
Very good!
I love the detail in the whole thing, esp. the glow on his sword.

myopic Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2003   General Artist
whoa this is pretty badass, I'd say :F~

loving the details, he looks like he's about to kick the ass of whoever is looking at him. 8) (Cool)
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