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I have an old horse called Caring who loves to run free. But when I
first began to ride him and allowed him to run free without restraint, he ran
too fast and too far, and I fell from him, often, injuring my self badly
when I hit the ground. I still bare the scars from those falls today. Since, I have
spent my whole life reigning him back and restraining him. When my
short rides were done, I would drag him into a dark shed and tie him down
till he could hardly move. I would starve him of his food, love and
companionship, and he would become weak.

However if I allowed the door to the shed to stand open a crack and the
sunlight shone upon him, he would regain his strength after a while.
And if my back was turned he would push open the door and away he would run,
free and unfettered, without my control. And when he did that, he would
return full of wounds and covered in mud and grime. Often after these escapes
when I had locked him up again I would beat him mercilessly, punishing him
for all those times I fell.

One day I stood by the shed looking at the empty fields and rage
gripped me. I believed I would never ride him bareback, my fingers twined in his
course mane, thighs gripping his sides as his muscles bunched and flexed,
letting him make me fly with him, free and without restraint. Trusting him not
to let me fall.

My overpowering dark emotions caused me to wrench open the door and
without pause I began to beat my horse. I hit him with my fists of rage,
knocked him to the floor and stabbed him with my grief, cutting him till his blood -
which was the colour of hope - drained from him and his brave heart stopped
beating. Then I dug a great pit in the dark, wet earth, and buried him. I left him
dead beneath the ground. Clouded by pain and a hardening inside,
I walked from the shed leaving the door wide open, swearing I would never ride again.

I sat again looking at the empty fields. Without my awareness, the sun
shone through the door I had left wide open behind me and fell on the turned
earth of the horses grave. Slowly that cold earth warmed, and eventually it
warmed the body of my dead horse. My horse so loved the sun, that even though
he was dead, his heart fluttered at itís warmth. Some time passed. And he
drew a breath, the earth was not as tightly packed as I thought it was, nor
was the pit as deep, and slowly he pulled him self free.
On weak and shaking legs he stood and climbed out of the pit, shaking
earth and worms from his frame as he trembled. But the sun gave him strength
I never knew he had, and he stepped from the shed. I became aware of his
resurrection then, and gazed at him in awe as he took those tottering
steps, stumbled, and then began to run again. Slow at first, but gaining
speed, his hooves hungrily devouring the land. Free again.

After that I would sometimes let him out and allow him to stretch his
legs. Sometimes I would like watching him run, with his mane and tail blowing
free in the wind, his coat gleaming in the sun. He was glorious to behold.

But should anyone see him, and stop to watch him running free, and
approach with hopes of touching him. I quickly grab his reigns, ride him hard
back to the shed and lock the door up tight. And there in the darkness he waits
for the sun to touch him once more.

To my surprise & disbelief, I've found that the kind of warmth & light the sun emits,
is not limited to the skies, nor the sun itself.

Something I wrote a long while back...
was a big help in fleshing out this small story.

On a side note:

Unfortunately/ Fortunately, I am no longer the only possessor of the keys to the shed.
But it's in good hands, that much I believe & have seen to be true everyday.

Everyday he runs faster and farther, bigger and stronger.

And he needn't nor doesn't run alone.
As scars peel and flake away.
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Emilie-san Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008
How'd you learn to write like that?
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Professional General Artist
Well, on this one it was with the help of :iconeidolon-grey: , and she helps me with revising plenty of my work nowadays. But it depends on which writings of mine you're asking about. Most of the time they just come from either dreams, or moments of literary inspiration I may have, imagination. I also find that the more I read books, the more I am able to write the ways I want to express myself. :D
Vidz Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005
awwwww :( was a great story, very emotional to me, stirred up quite a few memories and picture you made to go with the story fits perfectly, everything is great :hug:
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
Thank you vidzy. Am glad you saw value in it... this one's remained hidden for a loooong time and it's just now that it's felt right posting it... and for the better, because in waiting, a few final tweaks are what finally completed it for me. Particularly the last line. Moreso, Grey is just a huge factor in this getting completed, so it's also good to finally post it as it is also her touch on this writing.

Thanks again Vidz. :hug: Be well k? :D
Vidz Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005
your very welcome :D and tell grey she did good too :) :hug:
GardHelset Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2005
err.. wow! o_o :clap:
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
Thank you. :) Hope you enjoyed it and got something from it for yourself.
GardHelset Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005
well, i enjoyed it for sure!
whethere or not i got something from it only time wll tell. ;)
DivineApathy Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2005
You've made me cry. That was very well-written and thoughtful, but sad all at once. It's also very deep and insightful. You should write more like this, you know?
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2005  Professional General Artist
Oh dear Divapathy. :)

I am really glad this touched you so and that you really read into it.
Truth is, this has been kept hidden for a long long while now. Almost a year. It wasn't until now that it felt right for me to post it. It's a very personal piece, and this is alot of things that just needed to get out... lucky for me, Grey is also vital in the telling of this story, and helped me (still does) flesh it out to what you see now. Finally... there are a couple of tweaks that have been added, which completed the piece... even after all this time of it sitting there... Particularly the very last line.

Thanks so much... it means so much to me that this touched so.

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