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Otherwise known as Friday the 13th parts 1 - 3 combo remake/ Friday the 13th Reboot.

Saw it last week, but figured a 'review' of it is a bit long overdue.

You know... I came out of there with mixed feelings. Good in general, but still mixed.

It really threw me off, how the whole weed thing kept getting re-emphasized. I understand they wanted to give the fodder, er, I mean characters a REASON to go there in the first place, but the way they executed the whole 'legendary weed patch' thing was kinda poor. They almost made it seem like Jason was a grumpy & psychotic weed plantation dude, hell bent on protecting his stash & crop. I'm reaaaally glad that about halfway they got away from that, and it became clear that it was just good ol' Jason being motivated by being a big brutal killing machine.

I didn't like the 'cooking in the sleeping bag' kill, tho. I thought that was a bit out of character, just didn't seem right. I'd rather they had homaged the 'sleeping bag against the tree' kill, THAT was killer. Also, the hick dude's death seemed kinda pointless and thrown in (again, hick dude went for weed, & this gave the impression that he was paying the price for messing with the Big J's marijuana stash).

I think Derek Mears was pretty good, though I found his wardrobe to be a bit distracting (White wifebeater looking shirt? Why not a darker color, gray or blue or even forest green at least?) Also there was a couple of shots where the coat was hugging his waist a bit much, and it almost looked like he was wearing a short trenchcoat with a belt on, being all fashionable, it was only for a sec, but it threw me off. I like my Jason Vorhees big brawny and brutal.

On the flipside, the scene in the shed where he's just barreling through shit, walking through the shelves and muscling his way out, THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME. That really sold me on it, that this was Jason freakin' Vorhees.

I did get a bit worried near the end, though. I was like, oh great, killing him off already?!!? But I'm glad that's not exactly how it happened. The 'say hello to your mother... IN HELL!' lil Jason goes to hell spoof was great.

Again, after that, I got worried that 'oh and then he sinks and they live happily ever after'... and then... well you know. That gave me the maniacal knowing giggles. (but damn, he put that mask on HELLA FAST!)

I think for a reboot, it was good, and I really like & can appreciate how they pretty much repackaged the first 3 films.

Oh oh, and also...
I felt the deaths shoulda been a bit more creative. Some of them were boring and throwaway (like the screwdriver). And what was up with the sleeping bag kill? Seemed too out of character. WTF was he doing sitting there watching, was he roasting marshmallows too?

The fireplace skewer was cool though, that felt appropriate, same with the dock/ girl in water kill. Antlers was good, axe to the back to the front was good also. Crunchy.

Heh, I hope they do the 'crush head eyeball pop' kill from F13th pIII again in one of these.

I'm just reaaaaaally glad they didn't go the 'gore porn' Hostel route with this movie. (I am of the opinion that Hostel sucks... and that John Doe from Se7en could kick stupid head Jigsaw's garbled ass any day, or at least out perform him with in the clever but diabolical modus operandi department).

Now, I'm really hoping that if there's another one (is it true there's supposed to be 2?) that they start going the 'undead & unstoppable huge brute' route, but doing it RIGHT. I think, most Jason/ Ft13th fans kinda glean all the best bits of the lore from all the flicks to build up the best version of Jason that we can - I'm actually really hopeful that these guys will use all that to truly revitalize and realise the character & series.

And the whole pretty people thing gets a bit old (wtf was with the one chick at the beginning's boobery? It was like she had 2 giant M&M's duct taped to her ribs!). Give me Joe Everyday Schmoe and the 'real' looking girls instead. Which is actually something I really appreciated about 'Hatchet' (which btw, have you seen that?). I hope they do more 'normal' people in the following Ft13th films.

Oddly enough... it almost seems like they took a big chunk of the formula from Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon for lots of the way the movie was set up... But I suppose, Leslie Vernon did the same when it came to the rules of the 'industry'. (By the way, if you haven't seen BTM:TROLV - I highly recommend you do... NOW!)

Anyway... :blahblah:
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Nusquam-Vir Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
I actually really loved this one. Many of the deaths actually had a real measure of creativity, which was interesting aspect for Jason's character. They also finally closed the loop on a bunch of details that you kind of wondered about in the previous films. For instance, how he always manages to pop up everywhere? Well, dude potentially has tunnels under the entire area. How does he always know where you are? Noisy trip wires that tip him off to your location.

As a side note, they didn't really sacrifice the supernatural aspect of his character. I knew the moment they put him in that damn water he wasn't going to be there very long lol. He always comes out of the lake. If I were to write a Camp Krystal Lake survival guide, rule number one would be to stay away from the f-ing water.
Freak-Egg Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like when he used a bear trap, that was badass. But yeah the sleeping bag thing was a little weird. I turned to my friend and was like "Jasons gotten creative o_O"
what I didnt really like was how he kept that chick that looked like his mom..I think it would have been better if shed just been dead, and her brother found her dead...buut its not that big a deal XD overall, I was happy with it. I even liked a few of the characters that died, which is rare XD usually I'm just like "GOOOO JASON 8D"
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009  Professional General Artist
yeah, but they did a good job making the first batch of characters a bunch of unlikeable twits.
kaname-chan Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2009
I know how you feel. I saw it on valentines day. The lesson learned is that you dont steal the man's pot!! Even though it isnt a remake *rolls eyes* Its a remake/reboot. No matter what crap they are trying to call it nowadays. I mean come on he finds the mask in this one so you cant say it isnt.

And I agree about the sleeping bag kill. It felt out of place and actually creeped me out more than the other kills. I was joking around and saying its "Super Shredder!" Lol. He did remind me of that the way he bursted through some floorboards XD The weed thing really got worn out very fast.

But that jerk screaming like a little girl was pretty effing hilarious XD
I hope they make a second one
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009  Professional General Artist



I do wish that jerk would've gotten it better tho. His death wasn't very satisfying.
kaname-chan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009
I thought the same thing :/
Did you know that Halloween 2 is coming out soon?
thedarkcloak Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Professional General Artist
Nuh uh, still haven't seen the first one.

Been kinda hesitant, since I'm not sure if I'll like or hate what RZ did with the treatment of it.

Speaking (indirectly) of John Carpenter, if there's one movie I hope they NEVER remake, it's 'John Carpenter's The Thing'. Cause they would just cock it up.
kaname-chan Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
I think your right about them messing it up if they ever did remake it ><
I'm still very hesitant about the Child's Play remake. Which brings the question. How the hell can you have a childs play collection without the first one in it?

The first one wasnt bad truthfully. They took bout half the movie giving him a origin as kid. But freaking strong as hell in this one. Carrying off a 600 pound tombstone O.o I was surprised when I saw the Halloween 2 movie poster at the theaters. I hadnt heard anything. But RZ is back as director for this one. So that gives some hope.
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