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"I can promise you two things, I'll always look this good... and I'll never give up on you..." - HellBoy

Don't mind me, I'm just being a bit random here today... :crazy:

Got this from :iconhappymonkeyshoes: 's journal.

Seven things that scare you:

1. My Brain
2. Swerving trucks on the highway
3. The Cats
4. The prospect of War of the Worlds coming to fruition.  
5. Being human. (eugh!)
6. Rapists, wife beaters, and molesters (mostly I just wanna kill em, but I didnt see a 'piss you off' category)
7. Zombies

Seven things you like the most:

1. Mia :iconeidolon-grey: :heart:
2. Creativity stuff (making or experiencing, music, art, writing, film, stories, whatever strikes me really)
3. Gaming
4. Films
5. Zombies and other darkly things that go "ghrargh" in the night. (it's an embrace your fear kinda thing sometimes... ;) )
6. Learning (& growing), being aware, - as much as possible anyways.
7. Honor

Seven important things in your room:

1. Mia
2. PC
3. anything I can draw/ paint/ scribble with
4. my guitar, keyboards, sequencer stuffs.
5. gaming stuff (systems and games... yeah)
6. art, books, figures, & statuettes (wish I could have more of them out, but I will soon)
7. Myself?

Seven random facts about you:

1. I can be real picky about people not cleaning up after themselves. eugh, toenail clippings, food containers, etc.
2. I can be a bit obsessive (pfft... surprise?)... compulsive in an orderly way.
3. I enjoy listening to 40's music quite a bit! (gimme some old fogey mambo anytime)
4. The first time I got drunk, I was only 4 years old! (accidentally! story involving christmas party & pina colada - which I innocently thought was like a sweet delicious milkshake - and me being sneaky)  
5. Sometimes, I think I'm a terrible monster.
6. I can be a horrible and attrocious mushy ball of huggy squishyness.
7. I generally don't appreciate unnecessary vulgarness. (And I don't mean like, swear words, I mean I have a low tolerance for disrespectful crudeness)

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

1. Travel a bit more
2. Be more successful and broad with my work.
3. Learn, evolve, grow & better myself (as a musician, artist, a person, and everything as a whole)
4. Make movies (flash or otherwise, creating for it as much as possible, ie; music, writing, art, directing, etc.)
5. Get everything right, and making a beneficial difference in some way or another (not exactly perfect but I guess I'll die trying - What IS perfect anyways? )
6. Defeat the evil brain that enslaves me more often that I'd like it to.  
7. Conquer (as well as rule... they're not the same thing!) the world.

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:

1. uniqueness
2. innocence (guess these days that's unique in itself)
3. curves & self appreciation (not arrogance), confidence.
4. eyes and lips (ok, ok, face... )
5. self respect
6. quirkyness, along with a sense of humor
7. similar likes, ambitions, and traits as me.

Seven things you say the most:
1. So, like, yeah... n stuff.
2. Meh.
3. Oh, shits!
4. whatever.
5. That's hella _____ . (fill in the blank with an adjective)
6. Yeeaaah (sarcastic whoopdee doo)
7. ... mmm...

So... yeah, I was pretty bored. :smirk:
Shouts out to ya, Munkyboy!

Clubs I be at, yo - :iconhorror-forever: :iconbrain-damaged: :iconavpalternative: :icongoregalore:

The very Official DarkCloak website (down atm, changing webhosts... I think... )
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I am not flesh, nor stone or smoke...
I am as I am... I am the DarkCloak.

(-''-) The DarkCloak (-''-)
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